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We have a diverse group of clients. They've come from sharing personal interests, working in parallel careers, and having similar family attributes. While all people have their very own unique situation, we find one thing common: people want financial peace of mind. As our clients live their lives, their experiences and challenges evolve, and we're quick to adapt in helping them stay on top of their financial situation.

Corporate Executives

Corporate executives have high job and travel demands and find themselves too busy balancing time constraints to manage personal matters. You have very special compensation arrangements that deserve attention. Many executives are highly concentrated, emotionally and financially, in their company stock, oftentimes, making up a majority of their income and net worth. We’ll work with you to find balance in this emotional attachment while understanding the inherent risks associated with having much of your wealth tied to one company. We will review your stock options, restricted stock units and awards, and performance shares to help map out a potential wealth transfer plan with taxation, future investment desires, and your future in mind.

United States Military

With advisors in our firm growing up in military families, we’ve personally experienced the personal financial planning needs of military members. We will help you maximize your preparations with consideration to your taxable and nontaxable earnings, life insurance, understanding your legacy or blended retirement plan, and contributions to your Thrift Savings Plan (TSP). For those approaching retirement from the military, we’ll assist with TSP rollover options, tax planning with pensions and your second career, and exploring the use of survivor’s benefit pension, Veterans Group Life Insurance coverage (VGLI), and life insurance outside of these options that may provide you cost and flexibility features.

Receiving An Inheritance

You’re coming into a windfall of assets: cash, investments, real estate, personal property, and maybe even a business. It is often fascinating at first, but in more cases than not, it becomes an overwhelming experience. When becoming a recipient of inherited wealth you’re faced with many challenges ahead. We’ll work with you to streamline the distribution of assets to you, designing a financial plan based on your ongoing and future lifestyle needs, investing to potentially provide for an allowance and paycheck, and protecting your assets from the unexpected. Depending on the nature of your inheritance, we may need to involve other professionals, such as an estate planning attorney, to creatively preserve and protect this newfound wealth.


Whether you’re a real estate agent, freelancer, or consultant, you have unique needs. A benefits package does not exist for you. You plan with paying income taxes, into Social Security, or even thinking ahead with retirement differently from those who have a corporate job.

Job/Career Transition

Changing jobs or careers is often overwhelming. On top of the adjustments and uncertainty, you have additional financial considerations. We can assist with the financial understanding on budgets, pay increase/decrease, tax liabilities, retirement plan rollovers, investing in your new retirement plan, and giving up or adding a pension plan to the financial mix. Further, we can make sense of your new benefits package or help fill gaps where your new benefits may be minimal or lacking.


Losing a loved one is hard and extremely difficult to face. Surviving spouses are often left grieving and confused while trying to navigate handling an estate, income and estate taxes, and making sense of financial accounts. We can review all aspects of the estate help ease your stress in getting through these challenging times.

Chubb Employees

We’ve been helping Chubb employees for over 10 years. We’re familiar with the corporation and culture, the changes with the Ace merger, and the benefits package offered. Most Chubb employees engage us to discuss preparing for retirement, 401(k) investment management, and the pension plan. With your unique situation, we’ll help you navigate these things and if you’re positioned in a management/VP role, our conversations will also include analyzing your employee stock purchase plan (ESPP), stock options, restricted stock units and awards, and performance shares.

Ready To Retire

You’ve worked hard to accumulate enough money to prepare for retirement. Now you’re faced with the challenge on how to appropriately spend your assets so that you don’t run out of money. You have things to consider such as taking your pension, when is best to draw Social Security, spousal Social Security, required minimum distributions (RMDs), to name a few. We will work with you to discuss investing for income, implementing a “paycheck”, and investing so that your retirement income can keep up with inflation.

Business Owners

You started a business because of the opportunities that exist in working for yourself, to provide more substantially for your family, and to be flexible with your time. But there’s more. The responsibility of running a business goes beyond day-to-day operations and providing for your family. You have a responsibility to your employees, their families, and their futures. These people, the drivers of your business, rely on your success and guidance for their success.

We’ll discuss helping you put together an enhanced benefits package to attract, maintain, and retain key employees. In addition, we’ll discuss business continuity and contingency planning, beyond just a planned retirement or selling your business. Addressing the what ifs can ensure continuity for your employees and their families, clients and customers, and the reputation you’ve built in your business.

Things we may discuss:

  • Group health insurance coverage
  • Employer life and disability benefits
  • Employer-sponsored retirement plan
  • Executive compensation
  • Deferred compensation
  • Buy/sell life insurance on owners and successors
  • Key person life insurance coverage on your most important employees
  • Transition planning upon retirement
  • Selling your business for top dollar